Saturday, June 30, 2012

2.423 : 6/30/06 : Stealing Time

Maybe truly all it is
stealing time between the moments
mark an instant mark a thought
my friends my fellow Romans
This isn’t any revelation
no display of genius
I’m stealing time like anyone
before the clocksmen come to clean us
the page of history has been
wiped clean before and will again
and stealing time may be a vice
but I’m convinced it is no sin
just slipping in a sly aside
before my chariot arrives
the day gives many moments
the flesh gives many lives


Friday, June 29, 2012

2.422 : 6/29/06 : First Last Late

The first will be last
the last will be late
pounding at the gate
how mean won’t you let me in
what harm could it do?
Being foolish isn’t a crime
and it could easily be you
they say there is a point
a secret unrevealed
I wonder what’s the point of that
I’m nothing if not even-keeled
so if I strive to fall behind
just blame it on a parable
the unrevealed truth’s a bitch
alternative is terrible


2.421 : 6/28/06 : Hell of Sand

The fantasy returns me to
an air conditioned tomb
how I’ve come to understand
the comforts of a room
of one’s own
Really I’m here
in this hell of sand
there’s no choice
no helping hand
we think we can go anywhere
but this world has murder to spare
for one alone
Dreams of water dreams of ice
in my fractured mind
this shallow grave
becomes a paradise
Surely it can’t last more
than another day
As I remember how
to wait and how to pray
And even in this hell
there is living in the one day
just like any resting stone


2.420 : 6/27/06 : Stop

Stop here; get this clear
just another day
none of the problems
going to go away
that’s okay by me
I’ve got a different idea of free
this is just a brief vacation
test run for the recreation
I’m just cooling at the stop
waiting for my ride to drop
dropping lines and notes and verse
waiting’s waiting I’ve had worse
will it be that one or the next
will this be the cannon text
it’s all right by me whatever
I no longer need to be so clever


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2.419 : 6/26/06 : Life Sucks and Then

Life sucks and then
apparently you die
yet I can’t find a single
person to confirm
it ever passed them by
everyone here is
here forever
it is surely a choice
if you should sever
the connection
to the game
the brain
the mind
the corpse
the same
bad old bad old
I have no fear
I’m here
in this place


2.418 : 6/25/06 : Continuity

2,610 : 25 ?

Now auditioning
for the position of
all I need is
a perfect hour
that stretches from
from you to me
to two, too
it might seem like
something got damaged
something got lost
there is always
an agenda
there is
always a cost
this is ten years
this is thirty eight
this is ten seconds
let that egg wait
half an hour
halfway healed
fill the position
the gap


Sunday, June 24, 2012

2.417 : 6/24/06 : Venom

The way its been
the past few days
the venom and
the tricks it plays
the moments slip
like glycerine
like mercury
the shape I’m in
the moment’s salt
dissolved in acid
jingle bells’
agreement tacit
this too this too
this too shall pass
and moments further
it’s just a class
of experience
reset the system
some branch pinched
at its stem


Saturday, June 23, 2012

2.416 : 6/23/06 : Old New

Will I ask why
as I
expire once again
twenty three years the last time
this time only
twelve days of this
mass hysteria
skin pales
on a bed of nails
while the black box chirps
Where ya
home on my
death bed
not alone
pushing through
day one day one
this old
new life
barely done


2.415 : 6/22/06 : Double Feature

Double feature while the universe collapses
meanwhile the buildup of the plaque on my synapses
Turns me into just another advocating fool
Highly suitable as just another tool
for the business classes
And all that smack I once believed seems so simplistic
And the voice keeps telling me to give up and be realistic
Eat my vegetables and exercise and save
Forget about a world where I am not a slave
to these lures of light and lipstick
Sometimes I almost feel that you could say I’ve demonstrated
A hint of something strong in this long list I’ve created
But when you stack it up it doesn’t reach so high
And I’m still fighting off the wolves, I’m still gonna die
And in this moment I just grind my teeth unsated


Thursday, June 21, 2012

2.414 : 6/21/06 : Destination

Past concern of quality
past haste and hesitation
is that sacred destiny
is that my destination?
surely I feel better that it’s done
still know it’s always just begun
A lot of smack do I
deserve some recognition
a lot of worry over
whether it’s just repetition
Oh my are my perfect snowflakes all the same?
Oh my is it really all just a game?
I suppose I’ll wind up in this boat again
drifting in some current of regret
I suppose you will not be much help again
I suppose I’ll take what I can get
I’d like to say it’ll be different next time
and I suppose that wishful thinking
is not a crime


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2.413 : 6/20/06 : The Box

The contents of the box
have been exhausted of
all value
self referring
deep recursive
sick as hell
unlikely to enthrall you
putative customer
rest assured
You’re just a rumor
the box it seems
ran out of memes
ran out of images
and clever jack
and yet somehow
from then to now
I managed to throw
another decade on the stack


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2.412 : 6/19/06 : Same Difference

It’s the same
difference as always
look who dances
look who pays
there’s nothing really
to it I guess
I spent the first third of my life
trying to get a brick wall
to say yes


Monday, June 18, 2012

2.411 : 6/18/06 : Nothing Will Happen, Nothing Will Change

2,602 : 17 ?

Nothing will happen
nothing will change
no matter how the deck chairs
on great spaceship earth
you rearrange
The scale of time is far beyond us
our actions of no consequence
the sun will swell to eat the earth
This cursed race
will vanish long hence
Still greedy
Still hateful
Seldom happy
Seldom grateful
Informed by dark designs
Some matter dark and strange
nothing’s going to happen
nothing’s going to change
I will not light a candle
I won’t say a prayer
we all deserve what
we’ve got coming when we get there


Sunday, June 17, 2012

2.410 : 6/17/06 : Vague Recollection

Vague recollection
of some ineffectual reflection
I suppose
this is gonna be
another one of those
a day that passed
too many hours ago
I don’t need recollection
really do I to know
some sort of gathering
some sort of thought or plan
I’ll be damned if I didn’t just
forget it all again
am I seeking some point
in this monstrous pack of lies
or am I just dancing
for imaginary eyes?


Saturday, June 16, 2012

2.409 : 6/16/06 : Anger Can’t Carry

Anger can’t carry it off in the long run
It just burns insensible beyond control
It never got me anywhere you couldn’t call it fun
And it’s tough as hell to stop once it’s on a roll
Sadness it seems fathomless some days
the rolling sea of sad expired humanity
such a conflagration such a holy blaze
such a seeming meaningless insanity
I’m still here so I guess I found a method
I can’t help feeling like I missed the mark
So many days and nights I restless searched and quested
looking for just one sure brilliant spark
What sort of spectacle is this it makes me angry just to think
So much work and worry so close to the brink
And if anger cannot carry through
I don’t know what is pushing anymore
and not one word of it is true
and there’s a lock on every door


Friday, June 15, 2012

2.408 : 6/15/06 : Tiny World

Look a this tiny world
I live in now
tiny cars
tiny rooms
with a tiny cough
I break my vow
of silence
Not much silence
but I make the best
of what I’ve got
some get ice in the wintertime
some get it when it’s hot
I gotta break out
of my tiny room
but it’s complicated see
I gotta figure out
how to take some people
with me


2.407 : 6/14/06 : Order to Desist

Among the voices is an
order to desist
demand a reckoning
of why I must persist
I couldn’t tell you
just obey what’s at the forefront
ignore the orders of
that bedroom dwelling elephant
will it ever be transcribed
or molder in the pages
does it deserve to be discovered
or vanish down the ages
will I find my way again
or did I really ever
It’s all for the wrong reasons
Picked the wrong
offending hand to sever
I ignore the order
not today you rotten judge
Another just a few more
hours toiling in the sucking sludge


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2.406 : 6/13/06 : The Furious Torrent

The furious torrent
of thoughts abhorrent
it seems it’s always on tap
but activating my thinking cap
does not produce the desired effect
does not engender fine respect
bur I’ve got just one sad objective
figure it out if you can
Mr. Detective
Nobody will ever hear the fucking thing
No matter how you choose
to trip the spring
bloody minded obstinate fool
Mother Nature’s power tool
hell I just decided to unleash the flow
and I don’t even care where it may go
I lost the thread of it before I started
Maybe somewhere in the baggage I carted
Gate to gate searching for the platform
Looking for a grate to huddle keep me warm


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2.405 : 6/12/06 : What Do I Do Now?

Should I build up the callous on my playing hand
should I try to get attention for my big grandstand
I’m sorry that I tried to eat your sacred cow
won’t you please tell me what do I do now
Should I write all the songs I shoulda writ before
Should I run wild until I break down every door
I swear to you I’m ready to hitch up the plow
I’m just waiting on you to tell me what do I do now
I’ve tried a lot of this and that
Way too much of the others
I couldn’t even tell you
I can’t even find my druthers
Should I concentrate on what I want or ought
should I just keep thrusting till I hit the spot
Should I take it to the ‘net have a blazing row
Maybe the mass mind could tell me what do I do now
I gotta guess I’ll just do just the same
It doesn’t seem to matter if I choose to play the game
Better watch your blind spot cause this ain’t no final bow
Guess we’ll all just have to wait
to see what I do now


Monday, June 11, 2012

2.404 : 6/11/06 : Back to Reality

2,595 : 10 ?

Back to reality
another song, another day
it might seem
I’ve always felt this way
but the truth of the deep
is day by day
the payment is steep
but you pay to play
I lay one brick down
yeah I lay another
I’ll lay a beat down
on your mother
oh no you di’unt
Oh snap I did
naw man
that’s just a metadis
it’s all good, kid
I just had to check in to
that there’s only one day
and today is mine so I
snap back to reality


2.403 : 6/10/06 : The New Leaf

Hear a voice callin’ out inna wilderness
I’m about to give you the business
Cause the day of the Lord comes inna night like a thief
and you cannot turn back from the new leaf
The message as old as Kingdom Come
Love with all heart and soul and hammer that drum
Cause you’ve saved up a bitter aperitif
And there’s no second chance at the new leaf
Give it all up give it all up to God
You’ll find that trouble strikes you like a lightning rod
but the rule is there is strife, trouble, grief
but there’s nothing that can stop the new leaf
It’s almost all got itself written down
my contribution’s so tight I should wear a golden crown
I’m staring your ass down like Lee Van Cleef
righteous in the advent of the new leaf
right now I must admit it’s all just words
but somewhere out there’s music that somebody’s heard
I fancy something with a leitmotif
evocative of none so much as the new leaf


2.402 : 6/9/06 : New the Leaf

New the leaf greening
the whole world
is springing
the codes are
old winter
is listing
and soon crashes
and melts
the little green men
shake the dew
from their pelts
and we all dance
hand in hand
welcome again
good spring land


2.401 : 6/8/06 : The Lean Woof

Eternity’s loom
strung warp with time
weft is human
best described as rhyme
I fear the lean woof
attenuates to point of breaking
this just an explanation
of this esoteric
path I’m taking


Thursday, June 07, 2012

2.400: 6/7/06 : Wait for the Call

The hardest
advice of all
a fortune-cookie
wait for the call
I groaned in
so clearly
while the
celestial post-it
that I wrote myself
I eyed
I only tell the story
for the context true
for with
the new leaf
this whole thing
had not a thing
to do


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

2.399 : 6/6/06 : Easy Access

The tunnel labeled easy access
the designation was deceptive
it should have been the road more traveled
it should have been play follow the collective
it should have been the path of least resistance
it should have been hey danger fucker
I should have known when it all began
that I had drawn the card of sucker
I asked the sphinx for decent money
a chance to dream of the brass ring
sure God I never wanted fame
but fortune was another thing
I turned my back on that wide gate
And sought only the narrow winding
and in another 333 days
I’ll be amazed at what I’m finding


Tuesday, June 05, 2012

2.398 : 6/5/06 : Clearest Possible Memory

What a sign
appears to me
light and fog
the bare branches of a tree
that I was remembering
while I was a’ Maying
thinking on
long gone Decembering
the clearest possible
showed the whole of
the sad parade to me
and I said ha
see my spirit is free
spread my hand
count ‘em how many do you see
Not knowing I was
remembering a certain day
when I stood fast
and set down
the new way


Monday, June 04, 2012

2.397 : 6/4/06 : Rope

2,588 : 3 ?

It’s said
the first abstraction
was knots in a cord
but what a reaction
we counted days
we counted sheep
we counted our own fingers
and then things got deep
what I couldn’t do
with another length of rope
tie up every loose end
tie up every hope
tie that fucking box up
and Pandora too
I’ll get to that bitch later
but this length of rope’s
for you


Sunday, June 03, 2012

2.396 : 6/3/06 : Time

The whole thing is
clearly a critique of time
The principle of getting by
the past when it’s sublime
no earthly way of knowing
when the verse was cast
except it wasn’t from the future
must be from that
sublime past
I count the clock
in a thousand ways
I measure out my coffee spoons
in tarnished bygone days
I’m surely screwing up
but none of it’s a crime
so kindly step behind me
and just give me enough time


2.395 : 6/2/06 : Flashback

a decade
a double
the home team won again
and we dance
for their trouble
in a room
in a room
in a building
flash forward
to this
lily I’m gilding
I just want to push it through
and finally come to do
what I keep saying I’ll do
There is a sign
on the door
maximum occupancy
just one


2.394 : 6/1/06 : Kill the Worm

Tonight I’m going to drink the absinthe
no water and no sugar
no sir
just bitter bitter bitter
track down my tongue
I’ve figured how it has to
go sir
Tonight I’ll play it sure
and firm
Tonight I’m gonna
kill the worm
Today you know I got
a sign
Told me that I had to wait
for the call
I wrote it on a scrap I found
be patient you can have it
all, all
Tonight I’ll isolate
the germ
tonight I’m gonna
kill the worm