Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2.973 : 1/1/08 : Rare

These day’s the early rising’s rare
but take my hand I’ll take you there
I scribed a map made just for you
from me your
friendly wandering jew
I’m dreaming of the isles of Greece
so happy with my
one bright piece
the first has not yet
come to pass
but it will be
just as first
will be last


2.972 : 12/31/07 : A Good Year

Another dead soldier
that’s not meant to be cute
hoping to ring in the new year
in my birthday suit
looking forward to finishing
the book I’m reading
looking forward to the new year
harvest that I’m seeding
I’d say this was a good year
nothing’s perfect, should it be?
so much done and seen and said
another thousand songs from me
drink piña coladas
when the bubbly taps
I call it joy and wonderment
the opposite of scraps
looking for another good year
refine my subtle arts
live large and make my mark sir
far more than the sum of my parts


2.971 : 12/30/07 : Behind the Curtain

A little whiskey in a glass
I can live without
gave up the brain pills
with little doubt
maybe meditation’s next
always prayer
they say the words go into ether
I feel You there
Not much of a plan
vague and uncertain
keep and open mind about
what’s behind the curtain
I’ve had some down years
lost sight of hope
had a few where all
I could do was cope
but I’ve got my boy
my lady as well
enough of a spark inside
to cast a spell
on the cusp of the end
of another year
close my eyes and wish
the teacher will appear
I’m no magician
I’m no diplomat
but here behind the curtain
I’m one upward moving cat


Sunday, December 29, 2013

2.970 : 12/29/07 : Running

Run run to catch up
are you running with me?
full full overflow the cup
ten more lines and I’m free
I know I’ve got to change my tune
find a finer suite of stories
Every so often shoot the moon
relive a few lost glories
you might say I’ve turned my back on
my real honest voice
hold off the fade from blue to black on
the tide of every poor choice
but for now I just keep running
not forgetting for a moment
the prize for which I’m gunning


Saturday, December 28, 2013

2.969 : 12/28/07 : In Advance

In advance of the beginning of the end
all the messages I tried to send
somehow I managed still to lose the plot
better luck next year it’s what I got
In advance of a few more lies
I fear your factotums, yes-men and spies
but I will be tireless and rise again
no stranger to failure no stranger to sin
All that matters is I keep the pace
hoping for a few words to get up in your face
probably never be famous and rich
but that sure won’t stop me ain’t that a bitch


Friday, December 27, 2013

2.968 : 12/27/07 : Placebo Effect

If you can just believe in it
If only you suspend your disbelief
this pill will set you all right
and steal away your troubles like a thief
make it red and yellow
make its flavor slightly bitter
capsule filled with hopeless hope
drop it with no babysitter
pity the placebo dependent on my faith
I don’t believe in anything tonight
I do my rituals and don’t really know why
I still believe I’ll know when things are right


2.967 : 12/26/07 : Depth

At a depth
tired cliché
new leaf
new day
but I can
escape this
not so bad
not quite bliss


2.966 : 12/25/07 : Day

Day of day the hour of hour
there’s a little something in me:
I should not be afraid of it
watch me while I scorn that fake tit
Day of day oh this true instant
if you’re skeptical just get bent
all I’m trying to do is get out from under
even in arcadia there’s a dark side
to wonder
should I be writing fucking jingles?
I’m gonna suck baby till it tingles
and call it a fine day’s work
even if I’m a bit of a jerk


2.966 : 12/25/07 : Day

Day of day the hour of hour
there’s a little something in me:
I should not be afraid of it
watch me while I scorn that fake tit
Day of day oh this true instant
if you’re skeptical just get bent
all I’m trying to do is get out from under
even in arcadia there’s a dark side
to wonder
should I be writing fucking jingles?
I’m gonna suck baby till it tingles
and call it a fine day’s work
even if I’m a bit of a jerk


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2.965 : 12/24/07 : Miracle

Should I give up on the miracle?
Should I call the glass eternally half-full?
I’ve got no expectations but I can’t help but dream
Drinking whey and fantasizing cream
Like anybody ever really listened
All the shiny little tokens that glistened
Didn’t mean much to the tide of gray
but hell it was enough to keep the hounds at bay
I’ll strike the last stroke like a vector plotter
I won’t be making water wine or walking on water
My boring everyday miracle is simply that
I’ll pull another goddamn rabbit from this beat-up hat


Monday, December 23, 2013

2.964 : 12/23/07 : Another Penultimate

Another penultimate can that be right
Don’t I need to change one of their names
is this the Ultimate or is it the next time
will there be a next time more old sames
lucky number three hey why not call it
why not make a little mythology
we’ll figure out the even patch
walk the looping path of an inside-out tautology
nothing is anything go ahead and laugh
What I get for being corporeal and sentient
even if they upload me to the big computer
I doubt a single truth would be self-evident
what will come tomorrow I’m so excited
I’ll just believe it will be wonderful
You’ll hear about it baby believe me
in a day or so when I’ve got more pull


Sunday, December 22, 2013

2.963 : 12/22/07 : Sweep In

Sweep in like
the wind snow
All change just
like wind blow
call it
call a
could I lay it
out in one day
Still work still eat
still rest still play
tick back
to simple
sweep into
the temple
All change just
like sunrise
oh hear ears
oh see eyes


Saturday, December 21, 2013

2.962 : 12/21/07 : Triage 3

Am I screwing up my priorities
should I be resisting authority?
trying to triage 3 million options
with nothing but a few stories and conscience
I got to get down with a smaller picture
I’d give it all up but I’m such a fixture
I probably need to stop talking smack
however far I slide down I gotta crawl back
however you slice it
I just want to wrap it up
pray that tomorrow fills the last half of the cup


Friday, December 20, 2013

2.961 : 12/20/07 : Triage Too

I’ll forego the last rites
the triage too
I’ll call my own demise:
Someday, true
I’m hoping I don’t make
too much of the future
call me old fashioned
but I’ll skip the suture
of post-human corpus
on this tired old flesh
I’d rather bow out
while my act’s still fresh
but I’ll probably go
in rust and entropy
fall slowly apart
no doubt you won’t see me


Thursday, December 19, 2013

2.960 : 12/19/07 : Triage One

Straight into triage one
communicating what a gap
remains for me
How many years it been?
coming twenty and what
a strange trip between
a cliché of an age
I was born after
that thing you hear is not the
sound of children’s laughter
That thing you hear
is the big sound
I’m still chasing it
with all my running around
Hell will I ever
even get on time?
Hey nothing that I do
is a crime
and easily passed
so don’t bend my ear
If it’s not hallelujah
then I don’t want to hear


2.959 : 12/18/07 : Two Left

Two left feet
and a spare tire
maybe it’s a mag
hey does this inspire?
Guess I’m not gonna
be a rock star
where you at?
act shocked: wherever you are
struggle to push your
pen through “why”
end seems far away
as the sky
Maybe even scarier:
that it will likely come
imagine me:
complete, struck dumb
I might never write a word again
let the ink dry
in every pen
It might not even be close to news
now that’s the sort of foresight
that a guy could use


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2.958 : 12/17/07 : Purge

Must entrap
this brief productive
altered state
One must presume
it’s always there
seems work like rust
carries on air
But just as much
exists distraction
opposite of God knows how many
equal reactions
It’s a good line but the
staff is strained
trying to keep a beat maintained
Why try entrap
this restless urge
to tame it with
a ruthless purge


Monday, December 16, 2013

2.957 : 12/16/07 : Cosmic

3,148 : 2 ?

It’s apparent that I’m
making this up isn’t it?
tell me how you tell when I’ve
slipped loose of the great cosmic tit
I hit the same dark switchbacks
I lose my same old way
And pretty soon
nobody’s hearing a word I say
And I say
no but I distribute
in greater diffusion
And I say no but
regard is but an illusion
and I say
it’s evident that I’m
making this up isn’t it?
How do you tell
through all the storms of bullshit
take that cosmic slop
and buy yourself a new disguise
I can’t say I’ve ever had
such a weak specimen before my eyes
and if you doubt it
wait for the other shoe
you may be surprised
to discover it fits you


Sunday, December 15, 2013

2.956 : 12/15/07 : The Optimist

Maybe we’ll lick this death thing
and escape shuffling off the mortal coil
Maybe you won’t soon be
chemically preserved instead of fertilizing soil
maybe they’ll invent a safe
and consequence-less way of getting pissed
stop laughing:
I told you that I was an optimist
Maybe they’ll engineer
harm-free tobacco
Maybe I’ll tweak how to make
a million doing the slack-o
I’m betting I won’t have to
solve that free time problem soon
But what the hell
I oughta try to shoot the moon
Possible is endless
and the science does keep stacking
but I wonder really how much
we’ve got now we were once lacking
But what the hell every day
I eat enough and I get kissed
So pardon me I will
remain an optimist


Saturday, December 14, 2013

2.955 : 12/14/07 : Vague

My vague ambiguous expression
projects the inner landscape
of uncertainty, depression
fuck you Schopenhauer
you’re dead and I’m alive
and I’ll take my muddy thoughts
And persist, and heedless strive
It’s nothing but a feeling
that I know that I should ditch
hey I could be somebody
come up with the next “life’s a bitch”
I’m dying for specifics
but I’m not ready to beg
until you break me down more
I guess it will have to stay vague


Friday, December 13, 2013

2.954 : 12/13/07 : Upon High Noon

Coming up on high noon
there will be no showdown
no drama or conflict
I’ll give you the low down
I will feed a little person
get him ready for a nap
put him down and sing songs to him
are you bored yet with this crap?
sure to me it's all consuming
you could call it satisfying
it strikes me dull in the telling
is that what I’m always defying?
But I’m right up here on high noon
there’s no more time for griping
I’ve got promises I’m keeping
Nothing much there that’s worth hyping


Thursday, December 12, 2013

2.953 : 12/12/07 : What I Remember

What I remember about
nothing at all so
I’ve got nothing to say
I could come up with something
it would probably be true
just because the days
are so the same
So I won’t bore you
what I remember
if I checked my notes
might as well make up
something I think will float your boats
whatever I can deal with
as much as I can face
of this story that just
tells and tells and
tells me my place


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2.952 : 12/11/07 : Bitter Material

The bitter material plane
tears me down
Pardon for my sighing
pardon for my frown
Maybe I’m just
trying to justify sliding
the insane expectation
of change I’ve been riding
I should be above
your mortal coil
knowing my air:
knowing my soil
I should be above
falling for trifles
the eternal footman
and the snickers he stifles
but the situation
doesn’t stop with dismay
I’ve got my night
I’ve got my day
toiling to cultivate
the bitter material
pardon for the cliffhanger:
the effort is serial


2.951 : 12/10/07 : Stimulus, Response

I am an insect
dreaming I’m a man
bet I’m in good company
part of a sprawling clan
wish I had new habits
wish I had new clues
wish this constant ferment
would stew something I could use
but I’m just an insect
locked in stimulus, response
the history I bury
hard lessons I ensconce
lost in my insect dreams
being human, making sense
while I crawl along my leaf
blind to all the evidence


Monday, December 09, 2013

2.950 : 12/9/07 : The Mark

3141 : 43 ?

Really how likely am I
to hit the mark this time
to stay the course
to find a new reason or rhyme
that one’s dyeing its hair now
buying fixed annuities
must’ve been new to me once
one of my many ingenuities
knowing mostly I’ve done worse
though I’ve done better too
Guess that’s about as good as any
to be the mark this thing is through


Sunday, December 08, 2013

2.949 : 12/8/07 : Through

See how I can
rip through this
to waste another word
would be remiss


Saturday, December 07, 2013

2.948 : 12/7/07 : Artifact

The data set’s assumed to be an artifact
The fallout of a programming assumption
Travel on the cosmic scale’s by tesseract
The return trigger’s the world’s resumption
Anytime I want I can revise the tale
And hold each iteration to eternity
The only benefit holographic memories entail
but you wouldn’t call attention to my infirmity
An artifact of eidetic recall
Realities all overlapping
Aftereffect of that old fabled fall
And the so modern backbeat I’m snapping
Parenthetically break the text down
I merely illustrate a curious turn of speech
And if you catch me in a study in brown
Well you guess I once again
exceeded my reach


Friday, December 06, 2013

2.947 : 12/6/07 : Relic

No relic’s gonna turn the tide
the tables are stacked
too heavy to slide
when the ship tips
when you feel that punch in the gut
I guess you’re probably gonna beat it,
eh what?
Not gonna cast any
more runes or bones
no yarrow stalks
and no holy stones
This one I can do purely
just by stealth
pry the lid off
this pot and share the wealth


Thursday, December 05, 2013

2.946 : 12/5/07 : Are You Ready to See a Ten

On the scale of one to infinity
do you think you’ve seen an extreme
I’ll run for now while
gettin’s good
I think I’d run for it
if I got the chance:
do you think you would?
I think we’ve laid about a
seven on you
So far
Think you’re ready
to see a ten
do you think you are?
Are you ready
have you made your peace
with God?
Are you ready to
See a Ten
the vision that
will spare no rod


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

2.945 : 12/4/07 : Priorities

I’m shifting my priorities
up punk so don’t
try to unload any junk here
it doesn’t matter here
and that’s the myth we
shatter here
shifting gears across
genres and universes
praised you with damn feints
Famed you with damn curses
no tracking back
and no corrections
no allowance for
revolt or insurrections
my perfect sedition
is my only priority
if I turn it up do you think
you could roll it with me


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

2.944 : 12/3/07 : You’re My Hero

3,135 : 37 ?

You’re my hero Mr. Fictional Everyman
theoretical idealized tale
I still want to be like those cookie cutter
hombres on whatever trail
I must be crazy to still be watching
the fairy tales of human value
wasting my time on projection
into a world that’s just not true
You’re my hero Mr. Overanalytic
postmodern neurotic head case
If you could just shut up a minute
we could wrap this up and get out of this place
It’s not so bad to love a story
those characters that resonate
I write what I can of our own tale
the rest I gotta leave up to fate


Monday, December 02, 2013

2.943 : 12/2/07 : Candid Opera

This candid opera I can’t believe
the way that everybody’s got an answer
but me
soon seven billion soon eight and ten
I don’t like to think about what
I might see
There’s no audience so who
are we performing to delight
We seem unconscious I’m
unconscious stumble onstage without
I’d call it harmless fun it’s 
just one thing the tragedies
are real
I’d call it fair play but there’s just one game
and no court of appeal
and I never agreed to be
on stage I just got pushed into the light
now I’m singing for my supper
just like all the rest
here every night


Sunday, December 01, 2013

2.942 : 12/1/07 : The Second Rate

The furious social climbing
among the second rate
Let me offer anything I’ve got up
to avoid that fate
rather stay mediocre
toiling in obscurity
no such thing as status
no such thing as security
I’ll never make a mark
among the mighty and great
I’d rather not be known
as anything among the second rate
I like to make believe
I’m in a class all my own
greater than the sum
of all I’ve done and all I’ve known
I’d like to never play the game
I haven’t done so badly
I’ll take my place among the second rate
and keep it gladly