Monday, December 16, 2013

2.957 : 12/16/07 : Cosmic

3,148 : 2 ?

It’s apparent that I’m
making this up isn’t it?
tell me how you tell when I’ve
slipped loose of the great cosmic tit
I hit the same dark switchbacks
I lose my same old way
And pretty soon
nobody’s hearing a word I say
And I say
no but I distribute
in greater diffusion
And I say no but
regard is but an illusion
and I say
it’s evident that I’m
making this up isn’t it?
How do you tell
through all the storms of bullshit
take that cosmic slop
and buy yourself a new disguise
I can’t say I’ve ever had
such a weak specimen before my eyes
and if you doubt it
wait for the other shoe
you may be surprised
to discover it fits you

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