Sunday, December 15, 2013

2.956 : 12/15/07 : The Optimist

Maybe we’ll lick this death thing
and escape shuffling off the mortal coil
Maybe you won’t soon be
chemically preserved instead of fertilizing soil
maybe they’ll invent a safe
and consequence-less way of getting pissed
stop laughing:
I told you that I was an optimist
Maybe they’ll engineer
harm-free tobacco
Maybe I’ll tweak how to make
a million doing the slack-o
I’m betting I won’t have to
solve that free time problem soon
But what the hell
I oughta try to shoot the moon
Possible is endless
and the science does keep stacking
but I wonder really how much
we’ve got now we were once lacking
But what the hell every day
I eat enough and I get kissed
So pardon me I will
remain an optimist

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