Tuesday, July 29, 2014

2.1183 : 7/29/08 : System

I want a system
I want I want so bad to beat the house
no more scurrying inside the walls
scrounging crumbs just like a little mouse
I’ve behaved like such a little fish
snapping every baited hook
all unconscious swimming with the school
oh those bastards read me like a book
I’m nobody’s genius
one in a thousand ain’t good enough
maybe I don’t have a system in me
maybe I’ll never have the right stuff
I know that it’s not Christian
wanting to pile up some stacks of cash
wanting power and influence
storing up the rot and trash
but then again it’s said pay Caesar
I’m into that asshole for quite a chunk
and there’s no sitting still in this race
if I don’t want to get buried in bunk

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