Tuesday, November 08, 2016

2.1649 : 11/7/09 : Put An End

I’d like to put an end to something
there’s so much left going on
I’ve got to pick and choose and be circumspect
and think hard about what’s already been and gone
In the hour of my revival when I
run up to the front of the tent
i might turn around and shout April fools
Man I’m already saved so you all get bent
I’ve got mine and still want more
damn me for a greed-headed jerk
I want it all without the weight of fame
Without the burden of chance or the pain of work
I know I’m crazy drowned in dumb daydreams
I don’t know what the hell my problem is
there’s serious stuff going down out there
So many a man would love to trade my life for his
So many pointlessly denied so much
I’ve got so little right to complain
Yet it doesn’t make a difference if I feel bad
So why the hell should I sign up for pain
I’d like to put an end to something
but nothing important is mine to end
and that’s one way I guess I’m just like you
the same wind going to make us both bend

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