Sunday, November 06, 2016

2.1648 : 11/6/09 : Breaking Lord Midnight

I almost became the
one that I fought
and that irony was
palpable I thought
with barely moments
to set the thing right
I committed myself
to breaking Lord Midnight
My star didn’t ascend
my path wasn’t made plain
I was washed out and weakened
by sickness and rain
but I slogged anyway
to another high tower
to confront the great lord
of the witching hour
I said oh Lord Midnight
I have to break your spell
well he twirled his curling mustache
and said well well well
kid it’s not my magic
that keeps you in thrall
and you may break me but
it won’t solve your problems at all
that’s as may be
well you may be right
So I said to the retreating
back of Lord Midnight
I guess I better learn some
new songs and dances
with nothing left to break
I’m really taking my chances

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