Thursday, August 15, 2013

2.834 : 8/15/07 : Better

halfway to nowhere

What would make it better
rejecting fear and shame?
the key to not
fearing exposure
is to simply own your name
if the thing was longer
and it dwelled on life and truth
would it counteract
that summer lost
that late walk in Duluth
I should have kicked them out
told them to talk to him
I should have told my friend to help himself
although his prospects were so dim
I should have said
nice to see you again
and took another bus
it all would have been better
but I couldn’t crunch
the Calculus
And what am I doing wrong now
not tending the small
slacking off by small degrees
slowly slipping off the ball
I said I hoped it would get better
soon and now its been ten years
or almost
you can almost hear
the grinding of
the tiny gears

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