Saturday, September 06, 2014

2.1222 : 9/6/08 : Joy

The definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting anything to change
I know I seem just all the same
still a bounder, still a rover
but it’s really simple and not at all strange
That I got the joy joy joy
down in my heart and hey
I’m gonna take it to the limit so high
I did everything necessary
to keep the wolves at bay
but I did not snitch, I’m not that guy
What happens on the screen’s
obscene, but I think we have beat it
everybody’s interested but
poor attendance means the
promoter’s gonna have to eat it
this routine is looking like a rut
I guess if there’s joy even
minutes to the day
you’ve got to count your blessings
and there’s me with still
bushels of hell to pay
but eager to pass through
to dawn’s caressing

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