Friday, October 18, 2013

2.898 : 10/18/07 : Sensory Deprivation

I want specific blinders
for all news and information
a very special species of
sensory deprivation
I can’t afford to tune out
all reality
I’ve got to eat and after all
the little man is only three
but I could do without the war
or frankly the environment
it’s not like knowing made a difference
all those letters that I sent
that the center cannot hold
I don’t need to be reminded
I read that one years ago
so entropy let me be blinded
stop my ears to money news
like the market means dick to me
shield my skin from all the horrors
they talk about that stick to me
clasp my tongue inside my mouth
to just forget the bitter pill
and the stench of mendacity
it’s everywhere I know the drill
and I’ll go round my business
chipping at my little corner
be your canary nevermore
Your Cassandra your warner

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