Wednesday, October 02, 2013

2.882 : 10/2/07 : The Demiurge

What’s the matter with matter says I
Why do I get caught up in the game
You asked if I had considered I said yes I
thought a thousand times but it always came out the same
here I am again with the Demiurge
Fighting to determine the right approach
Here I am again on the cusp of a great purge
it seems there is no stage on which he doesn’t encroach
There’s no escaping I am part of it
Made of matter entropic and temporal
And that gets to the bleeding heart of it
Another day another oh God what’s this fresh hell
here I am again with the Demiurge
Battle of wits like a toothpick against a gun
I’m losing my faith in the martial surge
Maybe somebody’s born to fight him I ain’t the one
I don’t know who I’m really praying to
I accept these words may merely rattle in my skull
Nobody gets me I believe but I’m not saying you
Ought to buy what I buy ‘cause my dance card’s already full
And I may never shake the Demiurge
No I suppose it comes from being material
And one day I guess the whole thing will merge
And have to face the abstract alien Imperial

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