Sunday, April 07, 2013

2.704 : 4/7/07 : Dream Denier

I am rightly taken to task
for my pessimistic slant
though you can’t deny that I
am justified in seeing scant
evidence of any realistic
chance of cutting loose
from this dread social inertia
that drags like a lead caboose
Still it’s wrong and I should not
be so quick to piss on the fire
of thoughts and fantasies unchained
rebuke me as the dream denier
Dream on dream on speak your mind
I’ll keep my mouth shut it’s the least
that I can do to compensate
for my Pharisee’s unclean yeast
maybe I can be surprised still
by a doorway unimagined
prove it to my silent heart
unveil to me
this life’s rich pageant

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