Monday, April 08, 2013

2.705 : 4/8/07 : Hide

2,896 : 11 ?

Writ down every thought I had
drew a line marked good to bad
and stuck a pin skewed to one side
and said I’ll take it out of your hide
dancing just as fast as I could
said you must you said you would
confess I took that one on faith
On evidence thin as a wraith
I’ll put my hand down on the block
bite on the belt wait for the shock
of shedding that which doth offend
and there my debt to you will end
I listen to the reeling prose
Some poet I’m not one of those
I made my way by rhyme alone
pledged my troth to contention’s bone
I said if there’s nowhere to hide
nowhere to run except outside
if there’s no path at all but up
if there’s no filling of this cup
if this is all the life I get
and no song but this minuet
I’ll lay my hide as well as stakes
and bluff however long it takes

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