Thursday, April 25, 2013

2.722 : 4/25/07 : Purged

Something made me sad yesterday
turns like a worm but
I forgot it anyway
But the same old situation
turns my rotten head
and it comes out bad
in the end instead
I love my fun my puzzles
and my little noms de plume
and I say a hundred prayers
for every flinch I did inhume
I will never catch up on my sleep
or work out every woe that I submerged
and while it all went to hell
the system rang a bell
then purged
It could all be something simple
just a nasty bit of cheese
all the hours on the couch might have
just been a nap if you please
I have got a lot of patience
even after all these years
but if you want to talk about
you’ll find out
I’m packing heat between my ears

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