Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Interim

Which wraps it up for project one of the Songs of Days. I wrote My Masterpiece, put the book on the shelf, and wrote next to nothing, lyrically speaking, for over 4 years.

Between closing the first daily project and initiating the second we got married, bought a house, had a child. I became a homemaking parent, leaving the 40 hour week office work world for the first time since I left college. And somewhere in the first year of that new life, following a train of thought I no longer have a clear grasp on, I decided I would begin again, this time with the intent of writing 10,000 consecutive songs in as many days. The scope of this project is just shy of 27 and a half years. If I persist (and survive) the project will be completed on Saturday, September 18, 2032, half a month past my 61st birthday.

I'll begin posting those songs, whose writing is ongoing, on the 6th anniversary of their inception, May 4, 2011. In the meantime, I present:

The Interim.

Between January 7, 2011 and May 3, 2011 I'll post most of the lyrics I have written outside of the Songs of Days projects - before, during, after, in between and during again. There are not quite enough of these for daily posting until May, but it will be nice to take weekends off from blogging for a while. For those of you following along at home, look forward to the opportunity of imagining my squirming embarrassment as I present to the public for the first time the angst-ridden products of my adolescence and much, much more. Sadly some of the true gems of my youth are apparently gone for good... I remember one with a sort of D&D, horseback knight in armor theme that was really about a girl who shot me down in high school, which, damn. I can only remember a couple slight scraps of those lyrics and that is a shame. I got rid of a very great deal of personal ephemera after I graduated from college, a decision I mostly don't regret, but this product along with a lot of other youth writing was probably a victim of that purge. Anyway I'll give you what I've got.

Post Script, May 2011: Now that this project is complete, a quick guide to the various sections of the interim and links to what I wrote about them:

Phase 1. The Journal Songs, posted January 7 through January 17, 2011
Phase 2. Battles and Bands, posted January 18 through February 28, 2011
Phase 3. The Two Track Mind Era, posted March 2 through April 22, 2011
Phase 4. The Lepton Lyrics, posted April 25 through May 3, 2011

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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