Monday, January 17, 2011

The Interim : Journal Songs 6 : Not Enough

2,084 : 15 ?

Love is not enough though this is what we must have thought
And I’m not sure what kind of thing we thought that we’d bought
And it was good for me to love you, though I’ve hurt it was
And if you ask me why I think it’s so, well - Just because

And If I had it all to do I’d do it all again
For I will not believe that what he had was some great sin
We made mistakes I’m sure well just like everyone must do
Don’t ask me why I feel this way, I just believe it’s true

And if I hear the rulers of this dark world at my door
Testifying that my judgment in this thing was poor
I’ll rebuke them though they might well nail me to the wall
What we had was worth it I just think so that is all

And I’m not sayin’ that we should go back to where we were
Time is come for movin’ on but of one thing I’m sure
One day we’ll all laugh together, all of us who tried
And finally get the answers, for every tear we cried

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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