Tuesday, January 04, 2011

1,000 : 1/4/00 : The Inevitable

The inevitable final failure
final triumph, penultimate thrash
We’re all standing on the same line
We’ll all get knocked off by the crash
When it comes my time for leaving
I don’t want nobody to moan
I know the Kingdom’s coming baby
and this veil of flesh is just a loan
How well I know it’s just one loop
and each word we say is irrevocable
I’ll keep my counsel till the moment comes
then step up to the great inevitable
it could be tomorrow it comes
who can say it couldn’t be today
it may be that it comes never
I’ve heard it sometimes happens that way
when the inevitable final reckoning
draws my equation’s sum
I’ll pull my hand outta that pie in the sky
I’ll be holding a perfect plum

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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