Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Interim : Battles and Bands 6 : The Dream

Last Night I had that dream, that dream
about the masks again
I wandered in a maze alone
And turned some corners, then
I came into a room like some
forgotten carnival
And saw my face was mirrored a million
times on every wall

Then I realized there were no
mirrors in that place
And what I saw were masks made in
the image of my face
In all my life in all my dreams
I’d not seen such a thing
masks for every mood I’d ever felt
from joy to pain

I wandered for what seems like hours
in that abandoned hall
and tried to understand the masks
that stared back from the wall
Masks of fear and friendship
Masks of drama and desire
Masks of hope and jealousy
of anger love and ire

I thought these masks are useful
I should take a few along
Whenever I don’t like the mood
I’m in I’ll slip one one
Then the world need never see
the shape I’m really in
no one else will ever get
to cause me pain again

Something happened then that caused
my heart and mind to balk
all the masks began to move
and then began to talk
All the masks seemed to be fighting
Struggling to be free
Every one seemed to be saying
it was really me

No I screamed it isn’t true
You are not what I am
You masks are just puppets but
I am the real man
The masks all flew around me
suffocating screaming lies
Till all that could be seen of me
was two lost tortured eyes

I woke then in my room then sitting,
shaking on the floor
And made my mind up then and there
to think of it no more
I drifted back to sleep again
My room was dark and warm
But far back in my mind I thought
I heard the gathering of a storm...

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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