Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Interim : Battles and Bands 8 : Driving in the Spikes

Now my eyes are opened
and I can clearly see
The way out of the black mood
I thought had captured me
Live each day for what it’s worth
I think I’ve found the way
Now go to bed and sleep on it
Tomorrow’s a new day

When you wake your hopes blow away
Before you’ve started you’ve lost another day
Still you waste time with desires and dislikes
All your pretty hopes were just
Driving in the spikes

Pretty baby I love you so
And this is all that we require
I know that you were meant for me
And you are all that I desire
No more lonely days or nights
Now that you are by my side
I never thought I’d find this love
Oh I’m so very glad I tried

But when she’s gone the words become dust
What’s left untended finally turns to rust
You waste your time with desires and dislikes
All your pretty hope was just
Driving in the spikes

I know I’ll overcome this
If I believe I can
The masks are just a nightmare
I’m sure of who I am
the road is long, and I am young
and change can come each day
All I need is courage, then
The storm will fade away

But when your courage fails you you’re lost
You never stopped, to think or count the cost
Your time, wasted - desires and dislikes
All your pretty hopes
Driving in the spikes

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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