Monday, January 31, 2011

The Interim : Battles and Bands 10 : Let it Ride

2,098 : 13 ?

Thinking hacking pounding pondering
Looking for an answer, just another Saturday night
Looking for a way to get out
Should I try to get laid, should I try to get tight
I got lost so long ago, I can’t get back now
I burned every bridge that I crossed
My luck has finally run out, I lost the roll on
Every die that was tossed
There’s a time to cut your losses
There’s a time when you’ve got to swallow your pride
But it’s too late for me to get out now
I don’t care anymore, anymore
Let it Ride

Waiting for my ship to come in
Trying still when trying gets weary and old
Tired of trying to make a difference
Tired of looking in standing outside in the cold
I thought that maybe you could
Just answer one or two of the questions I had
You left me with less answers
That’s okay, I had a mask to make me look sad
World seems to think I owe it a living
It seems determined, bound to take it out of my hide
This time there’s no hedging bets
I put it all on the line on the line on the line
Let it Ride

No more looking for the answers
You can’t find them why waste your time on dismay
I know I have to do something quickly
I don’t know what but the masks are getting stronger each day
Did you really think you’d see me?
I can’t see me so how did you expect to get through
It was good you got out quickly
It’s all coming down the storm is starting to brew
One more broken heart couldn’t kill me
Just another loss just another thorn in my side
If the storm rips my life apart
Well I don’t like it anyway -
Let it Ride

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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