Friday, August 19, 2011

2.107 : 8/18/05 : Unrealistic

It seems unrealistic to believe I will change
It seems naive to argue
that this world will rearrange
to suit any grand scheme
Peace on earth is just a meme
And if I think about the last two
thousand years it makes me want to scream

I am pessimistic but the facts are on my side
I don’t need to apologize for
not taking the ride
Politics is all a sham
And frankly I don’t give a damn
‘Cause in another thousand
years you know that not one stone will stand

You’d think that given all this I’d feel off the hook
of any sense of duty even if I had what it took
to save this world or fix it either
I’ve an excuse for everything I couldn’t be blither
What will be will and
what won’t can’t and me it’s either both or neither

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