Sunday, August 14, 2011

2.103 : 8/14/05 : Freedom is a Trap

Freedom is a trap
Freedom is a trap
Freedom is a trap
Freedom is a trap
And once you gotta taste the spring goes snap
None are born free all depend on charity
And it’s no accident
My little jackanape
home is the first prison that we’re desperate to escape
For some the great grownup playground is sufficient
Others come to chafe at being just another pissant
Society’s got me under the thumb
Morality’s got me under the thumb
Destiny’s got me under the thumb
Gravity’s got me under the thumb
Always pushing me down on every floor
they say it’s essential but still I want more
freedom is a trap my son
And not even a tender one
It’s a rough mistress, it hides a whip
in its right hand so do not slip
The paradox cradled in my hand
Freedom’s an imperative with harsh demands
A banner that once taken up cannot be dropped
An anthem once raised cannot be stopped
and so be wary for what you ask
May look a gem it feels a task
And you may end my little sap
another wee mousie in freedom’s trap

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