Sunday, August 14, 2011

2.102 : 8/13/05 : Halfway There (The End of All Illusions pt. 5)

She said when you feel the wall
Brush up against your back
When you feel the creeping edges
Of the panic attack
When you cannot bear another
instant of it going on
When you think you’re going to scream
You’re halfway there so hold on

I can feel it grinding me down
failure forced out on the pages
thank god for obscurity
thank god for the tractless ages
thank god for the end of time
to wipe away all traces
the memory of all our wrongs
the slightest hint of all our faces

She’s not going to make it baby
that much I can say for sure
I’d love to be proven wrong
I’d love my motives to be pure
But as it is I guess for now
I’m going to have to fake it
another million dollar year
give it to me straight I can take it

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