Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2.119 : 8/30/05 : The Advent

When the fifth candle got lit
every point of the pentagram
it’s dead ironic isn’t it
the rough beast born that was long predicted
the Advent of the next age and
the damage it inflicted
I’ve got a theory very hard to test
that it’s all been downhill
for most of the rest
of the suckers who believe what they get told
of the suckers that buy what they are sold
its arms are made of peasants’ toil
its heart an element fit the sea to boil
Its feet as always made of clay
It’s got no head at all it was designed that way
there’s a little treat behind every door
the strategy will make you beg for more
When you open the portal on the advent
dismay that day see what your God sent

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