Monday, August 08, 2011

2.96 : 8/7/05 : Trip City

Let’s take a trip to the city fantastic
Let’s roll through the badland passage
let’s build this machine out of steel not plastic
And load it up with flash not baggage

Trip City portal to the starry heavens
Spaceport haven outlaw zone
The party people are all sixes and sevens
The business people are all on the phone

Dog star better start where you are
better start with a backbeat and a drone
tune up the upright bass and guitar
Don’t forget to give your spare keys to your clone

Because we’re all headed down to old trip city
There is a gathering of wireless heads
Beyond the music the colors so pretty
There is a word that is being spread

Such a thin line from here to there
Such a twisting route oh down
And you may truly stop and stare
When you feel the wave that’s swept this town

And when the convolution’s ended
Everything’s different and nothing’s changed
Though the colors shift and beauty got blended
And the thoughts we had got rearranged

All will disperse and spread unseen
Trip City now all but deserted
There is a whisper of what it might mean
A rumor of disaster and how we all flirted

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