Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2.112 : 8/23/05 : Launch Date

2,203 : 60 ?

Counting the calendar marking with x’s
I tread on you and I will mess with Texas
I’ll bring you down hell yeah you know I’ll stop
thinking ‘bout tomorrow as I rocket for the top
I set the launch date there’s no turning back
I’m gonna shock you with a sneak attack
I’m coming fast and silent from behind
before you know what hit you I’ll flat blow your mind
You may of heard I traveled to the past
And rocked the cavemen with a sonic blast
you may have heard I’m writing from tomorrow
I’ll save you the prognostication, its attendant sorrow
sweet Pandora let me flip your lid
I’ll sort that chancy box out for you kid
I’ll dish the future up upon your plate
Hand you an invitation for my big launch date

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