Wednesday, August 03, 2011

2.92 : 8/3/05 : Brilliant Psi Kill

The eyes are blank and silver disks
the mind is geared to desperate risks
the power’s undeniable
the origins are pliable
From far outside the continuity
by way of transmission from you to me
the latest exposition of the magic pill
culminating in a brilliant psi kill
the program of eugenics is long established
the architect who then repented so was banished
the final representative of that rare race
did seven years in lock up then vanished from the place
he reappeared in the mountains of Tibet
accompanied by some old mystic monk he met
who taught him secret techniques of the old resistance
thus set the stage for him to seek his own remittance
he traveled over the world and into space
there to meet his nemesis now face to face
the blind striking the blind in a strange arena
the antichrist versus the child of Athena
If there’s a new mythology this isn’t it
it always falls back into a recursive fit
it passes a little time and fills another page
attempting once again to set the charter of the age

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