Monday, August 29, 2011

2.118 : 8/29/05 : Homeland Spy

2,208 : 66 ?

I’m not peeking round the curtains
I’m not snooping in the trash
this homeland spy is boldly watching
In plain sight there’s nothing rash
about my technique watching you
you’re all guilty in my book
you’re all surely up to something
that is why I always look
Haven’t seen a concrete plan yet
haven’t caught no terrorists
want to turn my neighbors in so hard
and see the bracelets on their wrists
want to inform on my buddies
want to drop dimes on my peeps
it would be so damn exciting
if everyone I knew were creeps
but for now I’ll look out the window
hoping to see something dark
other than these dullards who drive
cycle walk and sometimes park

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