Monday, January 20, 2014

2.992 : 1/20/08 : Dick

This thing is just the kind of
greek tragedy I hoped to avoid
Dick and his gang I should be
outraged but I’m just annoyed
On some level some
rhetoric from the bullshit vault
I suppose my apathy makes
it all my fault
Maybe I just don’t buy
that it’s anything new
Power and its partisans
it’s always some thug crew
every hundred years or so some
nice guy gets to be boss
We got at least fifty years
before the next one goes up on the cross
So mazel tov Dick
you’ll be dead pretty soon
but this long train wreck
will be playing the same old tune
that dog won’t hunt
but it’ll do its same old trick
and dead or alive I’m sure
we’ll soon have some other Dick

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