Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2.1720 : 1/17/10 : A Moment

I must make a moment
of this moment
here and now
a story that I'll try
to tell truthfully
Someday, somehow
but not tonight
that tale must be for later
just a moment
here and now I
still must be the instigator
So long I tried to say goodbye
to the secret world
while my thoughts
modeled the cosmos
as it slowly slowly whirled
around some hypothetical
a point just in my mind
I don't know this feeling
growing within
I can only hope it's kind
the day will come
to revisit it all
when all my resolutions falter
when I fell I'm up against
a wall
a moment just a moment
that will come
I'll remember it just fine
and call it mine
and then play dumb

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