Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2.1853 : 5/30/10 : Crazy

We keep doing what we're doing
expecting a different result
someone said that that was crazy
But I say it's not our fault
Because when you run out of ideas
what else are you going to do
it doesn't matter if you know it's crazy
You can't stand to do nothing so you have to
do it all again and just feel crazy
do it until every reason's hazy
the sides the speeches the fighters and teachers
the acts and manifestos oh we're crazy creatures
way too late I think I see a different way
some other organization, no icons no leaders
who do I think I am just another crazy
how many have tried unseen unheeded
You can't change human nature
Which is crazy so we're doomed
concluded so went away and the
same old same old resumed

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