Monday, November 29, 2010

964 : 11/29/00 : If I Don’t Burn

2,036 : 19 ?

If I don’t burn then how will I know
the way I’ve been and the way to go
I need a spark I need some gasoline
I need a mechanic to put wheels on this machine
If I don’t burn then I’ll never feel
the fundamental difference between false and real
I’m lost in the illusion I feel that I’m asleep
I sense my soul’s duplicity while trying to sound deep
the monks crossed their legs and set themselves on fire
they left a fearsome image but their aims were so much higher
If I set myself on fire it wouldn’t mean a thing
though few within a stone’s throw would forget that scream
Chicago burned San Francisco too
all the best cities so why not you
fire is the cleanser, the means of sacrifice
concealing every evidence concealing every price
If I don’t burn then I’ll just stand still
I tell myself I won’t but I know I will
I need some gasoline I need a spark
I need a little courage and an X to spot the mark

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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