Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2.1015 : 2/12/08 : Miss America (Seventyseven: 20 of 81)

I’m done with learning it never made me happy
your little here and little there
I refuse to fear what everyone is fearing
But the consequence of bucking the tide is a bear
Everyone is smiling like Miss America
Like they’re grilling the golden ox on the fourth of July
I tell you today I really miss America
It seems like there’s no one left to ask why
I am staying silent from now on
like a baby that has never smiled
While everyone is swimming in prosperity
Look at me plunging into the wild
What a fool I am what a muddled mind
While everyone is bright I am so dim
All your sharp brilliance wafts over my silent sea
When they seek the one nobody will say that’s him
settle into your upholstered ruts
while I crouch on the muddy verges
but you know I got one thing on you
I am at peace with my natural urges

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