Saturday, December 27, 2014

2.1333 : 12/26/08 : Paces

Measure a thousand paces
measure a thousand more
I still haven’t seen a thing
that looks a bit like a damn door
and the schemes all sound the same
and any differences sound forced
and I plod through my old paces
worried I’ll end up divorced
from all the things that I thought mattered
twenty years ago and more
when twenty years seemed an illusion
and every turn held twenty doors
So if it seems to you my pacing
and my timing are awry
please excuse me while I turn away
protesting something’s in my eye
the Powers I believed in
have abandoned me it seems
and I’m left with nothing but a
vague impression from my dreams
of some dim outline of solution
something with a book and key
nothing you could really go on
waking up so much still me

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