Saturday, August 20, 2016

2.1570 : 8/20/09 : Shit to do instead of wasting time on the internet

Write a scifi story I love that speculative jazz
write a song the world can always use a little more razz-ma-taz
learn to code in Python it’s so awesome
Think of a healthy snack yum yum yum
Play a little Myst it’s retro yo
or waggle that Wii hey I’m the new boho
Got a stack of books waiting to enlighten
and if I haven’t hit the strings in a while I might then
get on the mill and grind out a few miles
write a letter generate some smiles
pick an old lyric and practice it’s free
lay down an a cappella when I’m ready for Carnegie
fire up the DS 10 and code up a track
dig into that old and weird to do stack
Throw out some words on the electric waters
Transcribe old songs for faithful fairly secret spotters
So much to do even without a clue
I’m sorry for time wasted but I can’t rely on You
anymore I’m on my own who knows why why why
But I better not let another minute pass me by
without getting busy working up the old goal shredder
Filling in the database for the next family Easter letter
Pick a box or shelf and get some clutter in hand
do it up do it down spontaneous or planned
listen to music maybe some classical
daydream what I’d study if they paid me to go back to school
say a prayer for everyone I love
and go to sleep when push comes to shove

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