Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2.1602 : 9/21/09 : Devil On the Mat

Predictable consequences
what to make of that
you’ll have to play the tough guy
if you want to wear the hat
how the hell hard does it have to be
to get a little change up in my habitat
hey a little here, hey a little there
is this ever going to get the devil on the mat
Far from happy with the
gross wages of plain excess
I can fake perfection for a while
but I can’t always sustain fancy dress
and it’s perfectly pitiful
to end up in the same old mess
but you can only lead yourself so far
under self-imposed duress
I’m all hung up on hope
but I’ve got to beat the clock
It’s so hard to believe these days
that anything’s going to rock
So hard to really argue
that I’m anything but talk
but I grasp for optimism
and still retain the hope to shock

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