Thursday, September 22, 2016

2.1603 : 9/22/09 : New Home

My big idea for a new home
for the words and these
silly little songs
turned out to cost too much
it really wasn’t all that big
just the first thing that occurred
since the last rug you yanked out
not to say that anything there was assured
I read a friend get way too intimate
talking about their fucked up life
maybe seven years you’ll read this friend
and it won’t mean a thing and that’s history’s knife
It’s not easy to find a new home
so we try real hard to make it work
but inertia is a wicked mistress
and these habits surely make me look the jerk
well I’m mostly not looking for a new home
just like to pick up better habits
it’s getting cold and I’m tired and it feels like
time to go to ground just like rabbits

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