Thursday, December 08, 2016

2.1680 : 12/08/09 : Strange Estate

Maybe a snow day tomorrow
take advantage of my strange estate
find out what it might really mean
if memories just can't wait
if all the miracles were just special effects
and what you saw was really what you got
it wouldn't mean a whit to me either way
it's the ghost inside that burns so hot
sweet mystery called it sweet mystery
why are we here and why do we persist
am I allowed to enjoy a good life
or must all life be to resist
I can say that's easy for you to say
she can say that's easy for me
I guess I wouldn't call it hard
still it ain't nothing
and you get mixed up so easily
I couldn't write it a sonnet or more terza rima
doesn't really turn my crank or fit my schema
the data we have seen suggests it's true
better to apologize than ask may you

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