Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2.1686 : 12/14/09 : 2 Honest Stains

2 honest stains
remain to mark
what I was into tonight
everything I own
gets stained with the stigmata
that I carry in eternal light
I wish I could be clearer
but the ways of this World
get me by the short and curly
right this moment
I wish I just counted
my friend list to list Hurley
I won't give up
that's about all I can promise
and if I told you what would
be here next week I would be remiss
I am Shakespeare of
modernity I do not fear
any ism
I will perfect the launch
charged full with my
creative jism
I think I spelled it wrong
but K. Vonnegut's ghost
will forgive me
I think that all that's
left is all that's
left to give me

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