Friday, June 06, 2008

302 : 2/6/99 : Old Times

Gotta know you gotta know girl
I been around I been around the world
And I’ve seen everything there is to see
And I’ve been all the places there are to be
You and me girl you and me gotta get down
to the city one of these days and meet downtown
have lunch and catch up on old times
Discuss the season’s latest high society crimes
You and me gotta get down to Carnival
For old times’ sake get down and relive it all
Gotta know girl you gotta know girl
Thinkin about those times makes my mind whirl
You gotta know I think about it often
Toward evening as the shadows grow and soften
You and me dear by the fire again
Just like all the years had never been
You and me together on the beach
For old times sake come lie within my reach
Gotta know girl you gotta know
That everything will just go the way it goes
But I will never question my decision
Made when you just first crossed my vision
You and me girl got get back to the way it was
For old times’ sake or just because
You and me together all night long
For the sake of old times and our favorite song

You can read an explanation of the origin of these lyrics here
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