Monday, March 21, 2011

In case you hadn't noticed...

And you well might not have noticed, particularly if you are getting this through the Google Reader, or some sort of RSS type thing, where the embeds appear to not be showing up: I've once again been adding player links to such songs as are available in a playable form, which are by far the minority of my vast repertoire, most of which exists, in musical form (if it exists at all), only in my head.

I have conceived various schemes to rectify this reality, at least in some tiny respect, but recording is a long and difficult process and has been, in my own experience, largely unrewarding. There is some sort of bootstrap interval in all this that I can't see clear to navigate through. My existing recording isn't good enough to subsidize getting better.

I really don't know if I'll do more recording. The writing has become something else in my life, now, the songs are a sort of fossil record of my mental processes, a tiny thread of information that accretes on its own schedule and with little apparent connection to forming a coherent narrative or anything else useful, for that matter. I am as reasonably satisfied with this process as I am with anything else about my productive efforts in this life, which is to say not that particularly fucking satisfied, but that's a topic for another blog, one which does not exist to my great relief. Because that is about two steps too far down a road I know in my heart it is better not to go down. Forget I said anything.


I have a couple of things in the can that satisfy my barest requirements of being not so egregiously awful that I will suffer them to be exposed to public ridicule. I finally got it together long enough to organize all that and put together a profile on the site de jour for the marginal musical artist, Bandcamp. Not to say everyone using this service is marginal, far from it, but being free and open to all there's no sense denying that we mediocrities outnumber the shining lights (fucking motto of the internet, hmm, I'm thinking I might not have chosen the right morning to write this announcement after all but hey ho anyway).

Note of amusement is that Bandcamp only accepts lossless source tracks for artist input, so given my disgusting penchant, often, for recording straight to MP3 the most tedious part of the process was having upsample a lot of the stuff so that I could upload it. So if you run across any gnarly audio artifacts in the finished product, uh, sorry.

You can buy it all if you're so inclined. If you were ever a patron of the long-defunct 33 Magazine, I'll note, you should not do so: if you want anything you don't already have just drop me a line and I will be happy to provide it in any format you might be lacking. I'll note one more time that the opportunity to purchase the greatest hits directly from me at a radical discount is on the trembling verge of vanishing as well, with this announcement.

And now that I've got you all positive and excited, allow me to present:

My new Bandcamp page.
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