Monday, February 04, 2013

2.642 : 2/4/07 : Atom Bomb

2,834 : 8 ?

The bang won’t be the final end
the shock around the world will send
the perfect place the perfect time
when will it come the next war crime
I’d like to believe we’d hold out longer
today’s resolve seems weaker not stronger
to bust a bunker or promote jihad
somehow I’m sure we’ll scapegoat God
I gotta be hopeful for two these days
I got not time left to whine and laze
despite what seems all too possible
the atom bomb and things just as terrible
if I could speak to each and every one
nothing in my hand no cross no gun
only to whisper my useless song
can’t we all just get along
wonder how the future twists and bends
wonder how civilization ends
the fall of Rome took 300 years
we’re 30, 40 in on ours so it appears

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