Friday, February 01, 2013

revelations per millennium

The next, oh, 23 songs (today's entry, Dust, through the entry for 2/23/07) were written for the 2007 RPM Challenge and eventually "published" in an album titled solvet saeclum in favilla, which was (predictably given the title) concerned with eschatology.

I recorded the album by attempting to sing live over tracks generated algorithmically by the software Voice of the GoatCactus.  I have described the album as "unlistenable" (and as a person who owns Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music on vinyl I know from unlistenable), though after subjecting myself to it several more times I revised this assessment to "almost unlistenable" (file under "mostly harmless").

But you don't have to take my word for it... if you have 46 minutes to kill and a tendency to boast of your aural endurance, by all means take a listen yourself.  I actually like these lyrics a lot, and even the seeds of some of the music I attempt to twist into these weirdly formal and dissonant computer compositions.  Someday, I say to myself, maybe I will find them music they merit.

But probably I won't.

I'm pretty certain I'm done with the RPM Challenge now.  Although the site says I only did one year, I actually turned in The Bootstrap Gospel in 2009 but apparently jumped through some hoop wrong because they never registered it - my effort in 2010, Trial By Ordeal, I never bothered submitting and has never been listened to by anyone.  I have as yet not personally succeeded in disproving the assertion that that one is in fact unlistenable, maybe I'll take another stab at it this month.  As far as the challenge goes, I'm the last person to dis enforced productivity but if I ever try to make another album, I am going to try to make the best one I can, however long it takes.

Anyway. Enjoy your eternal now.

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