Monday, July 29, 2013

2.817 : 7/29/07 : Excess

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The inevitable outcome of excess
begs the question of the hair of the dog
begs the question of moderation
beggars can’t be choosers whines the little cog
the feeling comes and goes deep in my gut
flashing on the next great obstacle
you’ll see me coming a mile away
you’ll catch me in the tabernacle
hijacking the lesson of the man on the road
falling hard for human logic
striving for the mojo of the preacher man
and the rhyming patter hypnagogic
relegate my excess to a life gone past
slouching into the mantle of the bourgeoisie
show ‘em what I’m made of with a
magnet on my car
of the flag of the free
oh say can you see
unlike a confession work pays
just as well
even if it is under duress
Thank goodness cause I gotta
earn my daily bread
And a little extra for excess

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