Monday, July 29, 2013

Telling Secrets

Some occult inner signal tells me it's time to breach the surface and engage in a little random promotion of the Song of the Day.  Self-exposure frankly gives me the jibblies, but you've got to push your comfort zone in this life, right?

So I'm going to kick it off with a wild shot at the big casino and post a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" this morning.  Yes, this is me, should anyone actually require proof, which honestly seems pretty unlikely.  Would someone actually try to fake... this?

I'm lowering the price of of the far-from-unlistenable "Only the Very Greatest Hits" to 99 cents with the "pay what you like" option enabled for the more generously-inclined.

Finally, for the next month (through 8/29/13) I'll be adding a link to my modest "crowd funding" experiment to the daily song posts.  After that to slip below the surface of the fairly secret again, I don't doubt.

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