Saturday, March 01, 2014

2.1033 : 3/1/08 : Virtue (Seventyseven: 38 of 81)

Our highest virtue is beyond virtue
but we so seldom get so high
as to get over ourselves much
To get back up to the best of us
Humanity does all right to make the nut
though it’s true it tends to make a fuss
And your vaunted morality it’s just as bad
and what’s more always serving private ends
And ceremony stands when all else fails
and if nobody bows or bends
It rolls up the sleeves
to administer a beating
It sure comes up in the cards a lot
but sure to hell its moment is fleeting
When the way fails an you gotta rely on virtue
If you gotta rely on virtue you’ll end up
relying on humanity but sad to say
that’s a manifestly half empty cup
humanity always ends up
relying on morality
And it always rots back to ceremony
from the altar to the lethal spike whatever the modality
But I’m effortlessly on the mark
and so for me exists no doubt
I seek the fruit not the husk or flower
prefer what’s within to what’s without

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