Sunday, March 02, 2014

2.1034 : 3/2/08 : The Unified Way (Seventyseven: 39 of 81)

it’s no rare thing to take to the unified way
the sky is clear and the earth is calm
and the spirit is subtle and mystical
and the fountain overflows just like that psalm
and ten thousand hearts also beat as one
And every prince and bishop has his day
And every single one of them comes to such estate
by virtue of their taking to the unified way
just imagine the sky’s falling
just imagine the earth torn asunder
just imagine the spirits all vanishing
and every fountain dried just think and wonder
and every creature dying childless
and the rulers fallen flat on their face
Can’t build the high without the plinth of the low
so good leader better call yourself low
I think the wisdom of not outshining the sun
is a lesson even those bastards know

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