Friday, October 14, 2016

2.1625 : 10/14/09 : Pattern Recognition

Why this brain’s supposedly so great
a point I tend to think you overrate
I guess it comes in handy
spotting the connections dandy
But in the valley where chaos reigns
it asks more questions than it ever explains
Pattern recognition
Won’t explain my grim position
Why isn’t it clearer or completely opaque
If I’m never going to make it will I always
have to fake
I recognize this pattern but
feel powerless to halt it
If I can’t blame my brain who can I blame
Still it feels wrong to fault it
Keep looking for the patterns
don’t you get discouraged
see long hours late of screwing off
hey maybe you should act your age
and I know recognizing it’s the easy part
scribing a new pattern is wholly the realm of art
but you’ve got to start where you are
if you hope to gin up a new avatar

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