Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2.1636 : 10/25/09 : All Perfume

What if I said yes to everything
yes and to you yes and yes to you too
unimaginable impossible some fool’s dream
It can never work yes all would turn from you
yes it is easy enough yes to imagine
your soft yes world would be all perfume
lI can barely navigate yes the world of no
if I said yes to everything howe could I presume
discernment is yes necessary yes
none can have it all can they
So I yes beg for a firmer no
pray to God to keep the beast at bay
but my mind’s yes eye yes just
doesn’t want to cooperate
and I see things yes I’d rather not
what is the point of a grasping state
of trying to hold on when nothing will do
want it all want it all you you you and you
I yes say yes no yes and yes
go yes on yes to my yes diminished day
there’s yes no way yes I can yes resolve
and that’s yes yes yes yes all I have to say

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