Sunday, October 23, 2016

2.1634 : 10/23/09 : Only Game

I’m not proud so I play the
only game the only game in town
I will not disdain to play the only game
if that’s what claims renown
Play it badly play it well
with so much confusion who can tell
Still the game goes on and on and on
So hey today - ha! Yet another song
one day it may get old I may get exasperated
I hope to hell that purgatory is pro-rated
cause I’ve done a little time on this ball
and I don’t think I deserve a full sentence
at all
And that’s got nothing to do with why I stick around
no fears of dreams to come keep my feet on the ground
I play the game cause it’s there and I’m ready
better not blink my hands are so steady
another mile another fine rotation
broadcasting the signal from my secret station
that’s easy to find for anyone at all
if I keep playing the game
maybe someday the curtain will fall

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